Our Approach

The thought of doing taxes and running financials may be exciting for accountants. However, we have come to realize that most clients would rather be running their business than spending any more time than absolutely necessary to stay compliant with government taxation regulations. Meeting with your accountant shouldn't be something that you dread having to take the time out of the day to do. Your accountant should be a resource that you look forward to turning to for help in achieving your business goals.

That's why at Erik Douglas, CPA we understand that every business owner is unique, some may want to be involved in their financial day-to-day, others just want to ensure peace of mind knowing that it's being handled by us. We approach each client like they are our most important client and show that it by ensuring we are flexible and that when you call you get to speak with your accountant, not a bookkeeper or secretary. This why we don’t just take every client that comes in the door, we want to make sure that we are as much of a good fit for you as you are for us.

It’s about so much more than just crunching numbers.

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Erik Douglas, CPA, CGA

Erik is a certified professional accountant that comes from a background in many different industries such as: not-for-profit, charity, agriculture, accounting/tax firms, and construction. He understands the need to balance operations and business strategy with accounting and taxation.

Historically Erik has made a career by the way of process improvement and technology implementation, but after working with different organizations he found himself wanting to help many businesses and realized that the best way to do this would be opening his own tax practice. Erik has a passion for helping small business which is why he also writes information in his blog to help provide some guidance to business owners who may not be at a point where they have or need an accountant.

Erik always has prided himself on his ability to really connect with owners and find out what they are looking for. He understands the seriousness of his client’s finances but doesn’t want to people to feel intimated by them. This is why he has built his practice in a way that allows clients to feel comfortable reaching out to him about any problems they are facing in their business.

In addition to working in his tax practice Erik continues to contract with accounting firms in the Toronto area.

Currently Serving clients in the areas of:

Liberty village, Queen west, Parkdale, High park, City Center, North York, Ottawa, Mississauga, Oakville, and Etobicoke