Accounting: No one solution fits all

At Erik Douglas, CPA we believe make accounting something that works for you by having a wide range of services from start-up to year-end accounting.

As with all of our services it starts with us understanding the business we are working with as each owner is unique in how much involvement they want and what information they are looking for. We are not the type of accountant that just puts together information into a financial statement, we want to work with you to ensure your accounting is working for your business.

We are here to listen to your needs and issues, and solve those problems.

Year-end Accounting

Closing the books every year is important as it sets the stage for the next year, that is why we are here to ensure that everything is completed correctly in your records to ensure you can focus on moving forward with your business. This can be achieved by us working with your bookkeeper or taking on your books ourselves.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are key to understanding where your business is. With us it’s more than just assembling the information to complete the tax return. We help you understand how to read your statements and take a look and help you by pointing out potential problem areas or areas that could use improvement.

Start-up Accounting

When you’re just starting out the last thing you might think of is getting your records in order. However, starting on the right foot can potentially help save you money by ensuring you understand the information needed to run your business before it starts growing. We personally love start-ups which is why we spend so much time networking with them and being someone that they can reach out to for all things financial.

Service Summary

  • Set up of accounting systems/processes
  • Preparation of year-end statements
  • monthly/annual reconcillations
  • process and system implementation and improvement
  • year-end external audit preparation

Currently Serving clients in the areas of:

Liberty village, Queen west, Parkdale, High park, City Center, North York, Ottawa, Mississauga, Oakville, and Etobicoke