Taxation: Reducing your tax impact painlessly

No one likes paying taxes, including us, which is why our goal is to work to reduce the amount of taxes you need to pay while still staying complaint with Canada Revenue Agency.

We have always thought that it is important that the business owner trusts and understand what we are doing. This is why we take the time to meet with clients and explain in a way they can understand how tax affects their business and what strategies work best for them. We never want a client to feel like the don’t understand how tax affects their business.



Taxes are more than just the now, it’s also important to understand where your business is going to grow to. That’s why we ensure that we review your current strategy with you and also talk about things to consider in the long-term

Sole Proprietors and Self-employed

We have experience working with contractors and sole proprietors, maybe you have a rental property, you are a contractor for another company or maybe you are just not at a point that incorporation makes sense yet. We have solutions that can help keep your business running and ensure you don’t fall behind on your taxes or compliance.


Corporate taxation is a complex topic that involves more than just the businesses operations, it’s about the structure, the owners, and the location. Let us help prepare you for what to expect as a tax burden now and into the future.

Service Summary

With every business there is a unique factor of what tax bodies or registrations you need to be compliant with. Let us take the time to sit with you and find out what you need to operate and be successful.


Currently Serving clients in the areas of:

Liberty village, Queen west, Parkdale, High park, City Center, North York, Ottawa, Mississauga, Oakville, and Etobicoke